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We have been proudly crafting engine rebuilds and accessories for Cessna aircraft for over 30 years. Located on the shores of Camano Island Washington P.Ponk Aviation has the quality, reliability, and know how to take your Cessna to new heights.

Super Eagle Engines

More power for your Cessna

The Super Eagle engine conversion puts additional 35 to 45 horsepower under your cowl for about the same price as a factory rebuilt engine. Your aircraft will takeoff shorter, climb faster, cruise faster and be less expensive to operate on a per mile basis.

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Propeller Options for Cessnas

Tested and FAA Certified

P. Ponk offers a variety of Hartzell and McCauley propeller options. See if one of our prop upgrades is right for you.

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FAA Approved Parts and Accessories

Land with confidence

P Ponk offers several airframe parts upgrades, designed to improve safety, and longevity of your airplane.

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