Additional Engine Conversions

P.Ponk Aviation offers several other engine conversions for different Cessna Airframes. Check out the following to see if we have a solution for your airframe.

continental motors

Continental IO-550-D Upgrade for Cessna A185E and A185F Models

Our STC SA00344WI approves installation of a stock Cont. IO-550-D engine in the Cessna A185E and A185F models, with installation of a McCauley D3A34C401/90DFA propeller, 80” to 88” length.

The engine may be purchased from the vendor of your choice. In addition to the engine change itself (no special requirements) and prop change (if the aircraft is not already equipped with a McCauley 401 propeller), the fuel flow gauge, tachometer and governor need to be changed or reworked to match limits reflected in the STC. Some baffling modifications may also be required.

Cost of the STC and instructions: $1650 USD, or $1450 if the propeller is purchased from us as well.

Continental IO-520-D Upgrade for Cessna 182H through P Models

Our STC SA461NM approves installation of a stock Cont. IO-520-D engine in the Cessna 182H, J, K, L, M, N and P Models. Approved propellers are the McCauley D2A34C58-LMS/S-90AT-8 and the McCauley D3A32C90/82NC-2

This is a 300 HP conversion that requires the following changes:

  • Engine mount modification
  • Firewall modification
  • Change of throttle and mixture control cables
  • Installation of surge tank
  • Installation of electric fuel pump
  • Installation of fuel return line to fuel tank

Labor to prepare airframe for installation of the IO-520-D engine is estimated at 80 to 100 hours.

P. Ponk Aviation sells STC paperwork and instructions only for this conversion. We do not offer a conversion β€œkit”, or related parts.

Cost of STC and instructions: $750 USD

Continental O-470-R or O-470-S Installation for Cessna 182E through 182P Models

Our STC SA2635CE approves installation of a stock Cont. O-470-R or S engine, interchangeably in the Cessna 182E through P model as an additional engine option with no airframe or engine modifications required.

The following propellers are approved:

  • Hartzell BHC-C2YF-1/8468-2
  • McCauley 2A36C/90M-8
  • McCauley 2A34C/90A-8 or 90AT-3
  • McCauley 2A34C66/90AT-8
  • McCauley 2A34C201/90DA-8
  • McCauley 2A34C203/90DCA-8

The following propellers are not eligible:

  • Hartzell HC-82XF-1/8433-2
  • Hartzell HC-A2XF-1/8433-2
  • Hartzell BHC-A2XF-1/8433-2

Cost of STC and instructions: $550 USD