Warranty Information

(Sample Only 2016. Project specific warranty provided for each engine built by P Ponk.)


P. Ponk Aviation (PPA) warrants this engine to be free from defects in NEW MATERIALS SUPPLIED AND WORKMANSHIP ACCOMPLISHED BY P. PONK AVIATION, under normal use for 180 DAYS from date of installation (or 190 days after shipment if engine was not installed by P. Ponk Aviation), OR 240 HOURS, whichever comes first.


Additionally, NEW PARTS REPLACED AT OVERHAUL will be further warranted on a pro-rated basis until TWO (2) YEARS FROM DATE OF OVERHAUL OR RECOMMENDED T.B.O, whichever occurs first, at a minimum rate of 40 hours per month.


P. Ponk Aviation does not warranty cylinders or their break-in, accessories or any work, labor or parts provided by outside vendors.
This Warranty does not include engine removal or reinstallation, shipping expense, loss of revenue, liability to user or passenger.


PPA WARRANTY REGISTRATION CARD must be completed and returned to P. Ponk Aviation within 5 working days following installation of the engine. All PPA charges and transactions under the above P.O. Number must be completed and paid in full prior to any Warranty consideration.

  • A. Claims for warranty must be accomplished by providing adequate proof of elapsed hours, filed with PPA no later than 15 days after discovery of defect. No claim will be allowed if, in the opinion of PPA, the part and/or product was improperly adjusted, stored, handled, altered, or operated contrary to the operating instructions of the manufacturer, FAA, (PPA to prevail in cases of conflict); or subject to misuse, neglect, or accident, subsequent to shipment from PPA. This warranty will be void if engine has not been pre-oiled 50 to 60 pounds oil pressure prior to first run.
  • B. Warranty service may be accomplished at facilities other than PPA but ONLY WITH PRIOR WRITTEN APPROVAL from PPA, and providing labor does not exceed PPA prevailing hours and rates. PPA retains the option to furnish parts and accessories.
  • C. This Warranty is VOID on any engine or accessory which has been repaired or altered outside the PPA facility without prior written approval, or any engine which has been operated contrary to the manufacturers’ operating instructions, or subject to improper break-in, misuse, neglect, accident, use of improper fuel or oil, or oil starvation subsequent to installation or shipment from our shop.Only the following oils are approved during the warranty period:
    Aeroshell 15/50, 80, 80W, 100, 100W and 100W Plus, or Phillips X/C SAE 20W-50 oil changed at intervals as recommended by Teledyne Continental Motors. (Aeroshell oils are preferred.) NOTE: 2000 hr engines must have oil and filter changed at 50 hour intervals or less.
  • D. Warranty repair or replacement of any part shall not extend this Warranty beyond the original warranty time or hour limitation.
  • E. Should a dispute arise which cannot be resolved, the appropriate court in Island County, State of Washington will preside.

At its’ discretion, PPA may be more generous than provided within this Warranty without losing it’s rights under this Warranty. Except as specifically provided herein, there are no other warranties, expressed or implied.

NOTE: All reference to this Warranty should include the above P.O. Number to facilitate expeditious action.